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Promotional socks came onto the scene heavily when the economy went on a downward spiral around 2008. When the economy was down, companies needed a more affordable way to promote their products and brand.

Wearables, like t-shirts, previously set the standard for promotional products, but soon companies transitioned to more economical wearables, such as socks, headbands, and wristbands. Customers could justify spending money on socks because everyone needs socks!

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Why Socks? Easy. Socks are the new t-shirts.

Custom socks are an affordable alternative to t-shirts and still allow you to express your fashion sense and personality.

Not to mention, it’s easier to match or hide a funky pair of socks than it is with a t-shirt. If you work in an environment with a strict dress code, you may want to use your socks as a subtle way to express your own individual style in the work environment. Then the socks can peek out but can also be easily hidden when you’re in a meeting with a client or upper management.

Or if you work in an environment where you wear a uniform – you want to distinguish yourself from your colleagues and express your personality somehow! Custom socks can easily add the personal touch to your work uniform and can easily be hidden by longer pants legs, if necessary!

Formal Dress Code?

Do you work in a corporate office with a formal business dress code? Do you feel like just another suit and tie when you’re walking to the water cooler? Choose to stand out!

We offer classic dress socks available with the classic knit in or we are able to use our sublimation logo method to customize them to your company’s most elaborate art needs. Now your customers may be a suit and tie for appearances, but when they lift up their pants legs just an inch, they’re showing off your company’s bright and funky design!

Hosting a Fundraiser?

Are you hosting a 5K marathon, an awareness event, or any kind of fundraiser? Offer your runners sweatbands and headbands embroidered with your logo, representing your brand. Let them take off in a pair of socks with your logo on them and reward participants for their donations with your brand’s swag so they continue to share your message.
We make bright and funky promotional socks, headbands, and sweatbands which make your company’s name memorable!

When choosing promotional products for your company, it needs to be something which will easily integrate into a customer’s everyday life. What do people wear almost every day? Socks!

82% of consumers reported only keeping promotional wearables if they were useful.

If you give out yet another t-shirt, people may not find them useful to wear, but as a rag or a laundry day shirt. But if you give them a high quality pair of socks, they’re going to use them. Pens and water bottles are useful, but they get lost in the shuffle because they are not a necessity to daily life. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for your company to brand on a product that can be put to use daily? Socks are a must!

You know if you buy a six-pack of white crew socks from a discount retailer, you’ll probably lose them one by one. But if you have a favorite pair of good-looking, high quality socks – you won’t lose them, you’ll chase them through the wash cycle instead!

If you’re investing in promotional products for your company, don’t waste your money on products that are quickly discarded and won’t have a chance to continually advertise for you.

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