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No Sweat Specialties was founded in 2001 when No Sweat Specialties President, who previously worked for a similar, family-owned company, wanted to break out and approach this industry in his own way. He opened No Sweat Specialties with similar values but also with the determination to keep the company’s manufacturing in the U.S.A.

No Sweat Specialities began in a 14,000 square foot production facility, but in 2013 they expanded into a 36,000 square foot building as the demand for their products increased and they needed more room to supply it. In years past, their current facility was a hosiery plant until 1989, then for many years it remained vacant until 2013, when the owner bought it as the production facility for No Sweat Specialties.

While the business employs multiple members of the owners family, the entire team is one big family. One walk through the production line and you’ll see No Sweat Specialties owner speak by name to each and every employee as they work. The production of high-quality performance products requires many hands, and the success of our company belongs to no one person, but to the team as a whole.

“We want to produce socks that people chase through the wash cycle because they love wearing them.”
-No Sweat Specialties Owner/Operator

Since the company is part of a vanishing industry here in the United States, No Sweat Specialties pays homage to the way the industry was before it was sent overseas.

Immediately upon entering the building you can feel the nods to the past. Throughout the entire facility there are sporadic rows of plank wood flooring which were there from the previous hosiery plant. Plank wood flooring reduces the vibrations of the older hosiery machines, which you can still find at the No Sweat Specialities manufacturing plant. While the company has invested heavily in state of the art technology, sometimes, there is nothing that can replace the quality of an older knitting machine. At the manufacturing facility, you will find the perfect blend of both trusty older equipment and top of the line new equipment. You’ll never meet a more passionate team of professionals in the promotional merchandise business.

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